25+ DIY Light Fixture Projects for Every Skill Level

Winter is coming! Combat the dark, dark nights with these amazing lighting DIYs even the most clueless crafters can handle.

Has the recent time change left you in the dark? Illuminate long, dark evenings this fall and winter with these DIY light fixtures you can make at home. Not a skilled DIYer? No problem! We’ve got plenty of super simple projects even the most inexperienced crafter can tackle.

Beginner: Gold-Dotted Lamp Base

You don’t have to be an electrician to revamp your light fixtures. Use gold leaf to give a simple yet chic update to an old glass lamp like Emily Hart of recentlytheblog.com did here.

Beginner: DIY String Lights

Give your outdoor space a refresh too with stylish “new” bistro lights. Simply take decorative wicker spheres (normally used for table decor) and fit one sphere over each bulb on a strand of white string lights. Voila! Stylish outdoor lighting at a fraction of the cost.


Beginner: Geometric Pendant Light

This DIY pendant light looks difficult but is actually super simple to make. All you need is copper piping and a pendant light kit! Watch the video below for a full tutorial from HGTV digital host, Marianne Canada.

 On Afternoon Crafternoon Marianne demonstrates how to make a DIY freeform geometric pendant light from copper tubing.

Beginner: Gold-Tipped Feather Lampshade

Calling all Junk Gypsies fans! For this project you’ll need a bag of large white feathers (these can be found at most craft stores), clear fishing wire and a lamp shade frame. Coat the entire tip of one feather with gold spray paint. While paint is wet, immediately sprinkle both sides of the feather with glitter in the same hue. Repeat until all feathers are coated. Once dry, tie fishing wire to each feather stem and attach along the top ring of the lamp shade frame. The finished product works great as a pendant light or table lamp.

Beginner: Twine-Wrapped Lamp

The DIY experts at HGTV Magazine covered an old flea market lamp with twine for a modern, economical update.

Intermediate: Moon and Stars Headboard

I would have loved a headboard like this growing up! Great for a galaxy-themed kid’s room, this celestial headboard is super simple to make and doubles as a night light.

Intermediate: DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier

If you’re looking for a totally customizable, expensive-looking lighting project that’s both cheap and easy to DIY, this one’s for you. It’s made from hula hoops — yes, hula hoops — and can be painted to match any space.


Intermediate: Faux Capiz Shell Pendant

The faux capiz shells used for this project look just like the real thing, but are actually made from wax paper!


Intermediate: Birch Table Lamp

In addition to birch slices, this project could also be completed with a variety of stackable objects like books, children’s toy blocks, etc. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions from HGTV’s Dan Faires.


Intermediate: Stacked Tin Floor Lamp

Hate throwing away large metal snack tins? Turn them into a cool floor lamp, instead. Paint the tins to match your decor or leave as is for a rustic effect.

Intermediate: Constellation Wall Art

You can pick any constellation or zodiac sign for this glimmering wall art. It also doubles as ambient lighting!

Expert: LEGO Lamp

I’m putting this one in the expert category simply because I would never have the patience to cover an entire lamp in LEGO bricks. But it’s such a cool idea for a kid’s room!

Expert: Copper Pipe Sconce

Who knew that simple copper plumbing pipe could look so stylish? Add industrial flair to your space with this DIY project from HGTV’s Dan Made.

Expert: Bird Cage Floor Lamp

Designer Joanne Palmisano threaded the cord of an antique crystal chandelier through the top of a thrift store birdcage to create this lovely and unique floor lamp. 

Expert: Lighted Marquee Letter

If you’re looking to fill an empty wall with a bold, professional-looking piece of wall art, try this marquee light project from HGTV Magazine. Tip: Familiarity with power tools is a must for this DIY.

Expert: Galvanized Bucket Light Fixture

Transform inexpensive galvanized washtubs into beautiful, rustic pendant lights that look great indoors or out.

Expert: Bushel Basket Pendant Light

Bring a little coastal flair to your home with this nautical-inspired pendant light made from a wood basket and rope.

Expert: Wine Bottle Chandelier

This one-of-a-kind wine bottle chandelier from designer Brian Patrick Flynn is a gorgeous and unique conversation starter.




Information Courtesy of Chelsea Faulkner – HGTV

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