Can’t Pick a Palette? Try a Tone-on-Tone Design

Simplify your life, or at the very least, your home decor. If you break into a cold sweat trying to decide on a color palette, then a tone-on-tone scheme could be a quick, painless way to decorate your space.



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Monochromatic Magic

Going with one color is an easy way to get a polished, sophisticated look without a lot of fuss. It’s also more versatile than you would expect; dark and light furnishings you already own can help anchor the space.
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Play Favorites

Going with one color group simplifies the decorating process, but you still need to choose that one color. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider some of your favorites. And don’t get stressed trying to match everything in the room to one precise paint swatch. As long as you stay in the color family, and go a few shades darker or lighter, you’ll be pleased with the overall effect.
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Lovely Layers

When decorating your room, approach it in steps or layers. Start with the basics (rug, bed, wall color), then add side tables, a layer of bedding, lighting, art, accessories and so on. The key is to be thoughtful about each layer and know when to put on the brakes. For a tone-on-tone space, items like books, lamps or vases are another opportunity to play up your statement hue.
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Dramatic Backdrop

By keeping the palette simple, you give art, photography and other types of wall decor a chance to really shine.
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Grounding Grays

Natural materials bring a little something extra to a tone-on-tone scenario. The iron bed and deep gray window treatments help play up the dramatic quality of the rich teal walls, rug and bedding.


Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Pattern Play

Don’t forget to add some pattern to the mix. Just because you’re going with one color doesn’t mean you’re stuck using all solids. Pretty patterns in the same color family will help keep the space from feeling one-dimensional.
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Soften It Up

Just like adding layers helps a space feel pulled together, adding softer elements like drapery, pillows and flowers will give the room more dimension and charm.
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Subtle Nods

When selecting art, consider the color of the room and the images that it conjures up. In this deep teal room, the coastal photography highlighting gorgeous blue-green waters feels totally on point.
Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Texture Rules

An easy way to add a little warmth to a monochromatic space is through texture like large woven baskets, fringed pillows or a nubby rug. This type of decor can boost the cozy factor.

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