5 Must-Know Decorating Tips for People With Young Kids

If you’re looking for kid-friendly ideas when decorating your home, try doing a little thought experiment. Imagine that a very upset Hulk just got his hands on the piece of decor you’re considering. How does it hold up? If the loss of that item would deeply affect your emotional well-being and your pocketbook, maybe consider something a little less sentimental and expensive.

After living with two kids for a hundred years now (mine are 6 and 4, but when talking about kids, you add their ages and multiply by 10 to get the true passage of time) and recently moving into a new apartment and buying new furnishings, I noticed I had learned a few things from past decor choices gone wrong. I can’t say that everything is smooth sailing when it comes to our home now, but I can say that following these kid-friendly decorating ideas resulted in many fewer headaches.

2. Skip anything too nice for now. This is perhaps the quintessential rule when buying furnishings for your home if you have small kids. You’d be amazed at the amount of destruction a toddler can wreak upon anything in his or her path. Anything that can be stained, broken, dented, dinged, scuffed up or drawn on will inevitably bear these scars of battle. In some cases, the more expensive you go, the more durable the item. But just use caution. I once found our son absent-mindedly sawing on the edge of our dining table with his butter knife. If that table had been a family heirloom, I might have been a little upset.

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