New business investment could mean hundreds of jobs heading to southern Dallas

Mayor Pro Tem Casey Thomas is among those excited about two major businesses now looking to invest in District 3.


There is a lot of positive momentum happening across District 3 in southern Dallas. Neighbors and city leaders have been strategizing on a rebirth, of sorts, in some areas, and the engagement seems to be working.

“It’s long overdue,” said Mayor Pro Tem Casey Thomas.

Thomas is among those excited about two major businesses now looking to invest in District 3. Home Depot and HD Supply are looking to move into the community. Those companies could bring hundreds of jobs to the southwestern edge of the City of Dallas.

“To have, you know, 800 jobs from Home Depot. Permanent full-time jobs, at a minimum living wage, and then 200 jobs from HD Supply, in southern Dallas. It’s the beginning of something big,” Thomas explained.

This week, Dallas City Council will be discussing and potentially voting on possible tax abatement incentives for the two companies. Public records show Home Depot, the sixth largest private employer in the U.S., wants its new multi-million square foot distribution facility to take up space on the 9300 block of West Jefferson. A few miles away, Atlanta-based HD Supply wants to build its new warehouse and office spaces on an 82-acre lot south of IH-20 near Camp Wisdom Road and Mountain Creek Parkway.

Some small business owners near the sites say they like the idea of big businesses moving in. They say the community could use an economic boost.

Part of the proposed agreement between the City of Dallas and the companies involves a substantial number of the new full time employees to be local hires.

“We’re starting to see others who see the benefits of investing and even bringing jobs to southern Dallas. So, we’re excited about what’s on the horizon,” Thomas explained.

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