Transportation Revolution: Experts Tackle How a High-Flying Future Could Affect Us All

From unlimited rideshare to flying taxis, The Hyperloop to automated vehicles, Industry experts discuss how the future of transportation will impact real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth.


Transportation is one of the most talked-about, critical elements of modern urban life. How many times have you been asked, “How was your commute today?” It’s a topic that raises many questions, such as: How do we get around more quickly and safely? How can we reduce noise and our impact on the environment?

The Real Estate Council held a panel discussion where five industry experts—led by the North Texas Council of Governments’ Thomas Bamonte—talk about what we’ll see next, from air taxis to autonomous vehicles to the Hyperloop. Bamonte and the experts dive into what we can expect in this “Transportation Revolution,” and how it will specifically impact real estate. 

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