Ways to Color Your Kitchen Cabinets

Find ways to spice up your kitchen with sassy hues, trendy techniques and fresh color combos.

Photo by Amy Bartlam

Pops of Colors

Who says you can only use one color when painting your cabinets? This retro-inspired kitchen features solid wood cabinets with select doors painted in a variety of shades. To ensure the space doesn’t look too wacky, white countertops and a tame backsplash act as a calming presence in the color-filled kitchen.

Photo by O Interior Design

Classic With a Twist

When you think of a cottage-style kitchen, you probably picture all-white cabinets in an all-white space. This kitchen turns tradition on its ear with an island in a vibrant shade of emerald, which pulls out the subtle greens in the wallpaper and complements the blues beautifully. It’s no less appropriate to the style and represents an entirely fresh interpretation.

Photo by Chris Amaral

Sizzling Neon

You probably remember them best from the 1980s, but bright neon hues are making a comeback. The trick with these brilliant tones is to use enough to make an impact, yet not so much that they overwhelm the space. Cover a small segment of the cabinetry — perhaps a wine cubby, the frame of an open shelf or even a bank of cabinets like this one — and strike an ideal balance.

Photo by Dan Piassick

Not Quite Neon

Do you love the idea of incorporating neon colors into your kitchen design, but aren’t ready to commit to covering your cabinets in them? Opt for a blueish-gray shade that’s a statement all on its own while playing perfectly with a bold, neon-filled backsplash and of course, a bright neon stove.

Photo by Jeff Herr

A Touch of Darkness

Sometimes adding just a few notes of a dark shade can ground any kitchen color scheme and add gravitas to the room. Here, a deep green, base cabinet anchors the space and complements the antique rug in the bright white kitchen.

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By: Ellie Sanders and Lisa Frederick

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