6 Kid-friendly Bathroom Updates That Won’t Break The Bank

Updating a bathroom can instantly make your home feel new and fresh. When you’re updating your kids’ bathroom, aim for safety and convenience in the design first. Bathroom updates can become expensive quickly, so here are 6 budget-friendly design ideas for your kids’ bathroom:


A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting is an easy and affordable way to transform your kids’ bathroom! A fresh coat on the walls is a great start to make a room feel brand new, so pick a fun color that the kids will love. While blues and greens are usually a go-to for a bathroom, a bright orange or yellow could be a nice contrast for your kids. If you’re wary about a bright color on the walls, add a pop of color with a bath mat or pick a shower curtain with a fun design. If you decide to keep your current vanity, give the cabinets a coat of paint to freshen them up as well!

A Double Vanity

If your kids are sharing a bathroom, they’re going to be arguing over sink time to brush their teeth, look in the mirror, or wash their hands. Minimize arguments and increase the utility space with a double sink vanity so the kids can get ready together every morning and night. Double vanities can be pricey, especially if you want a particular style, and can run anywhere from $600 to $1,200. But the extra sink and cabinet space will pay off in the long run for the value of your home and for keeping the peace between your kids. If the costs are starting to add up to more than you bargained for, utilizing companies that specialize in loans for remodeling and home improvement is another great way to help add to your budget and get the bathroom updates done.

Full-Sized Amenities

While you want your children to be able to reach the sink and toilet so they can become independent when getting ready, you don’t want to remodel your bathroom with small-sized items to appeal to their height. Getting a shorter vanity and smaller toilet will be a waste of time and money, as you’ll have to do more bathroom updates a few years later when they get bigger. Instead, get a variety of step stools for your kids to use so they can get up to go to the bathroom or wash their hands safely.


Shower Head for Bath Time

A new shower head is a cheap update that will make a huge difference for the kids’ bathroom. Opt for a removable, rain spray shower head to make bath time enjoyable and something to look forward to for both you and your children. The rain spray will make the bath feel like their own personal spa, and having the option to remove the shower head means you’ll be able to clean your kids easily.

Non-slip Flooring

Bathroom tile can be slippery, and the last thing you want is for your kids to get hurt. In order to ensure fewer accidents in the bathroom, choose a non-slip bathroom floor when remodeling your kids’ bathroom. There’s no way to avoid the floors being covered in water after a bath, brushing their teeth or washing their hands, but prevent falls and accidents with non-slip flooring. Vinyl is the best option for your kids’ bathroom, but it can get slippery. Instead, go for a textured vinyl, which is durable and will keep those little feet on the ground!

Keep the Tub

Shower stalls are luxurious and it can be tempting to do away with the tubs in your bathrooms to go for an updated, spa-like feel. However, for your kids’ bathroom, it’s necessary to keep the tub for easy bath times, as well as for resale purposes. If you want to update your current tub without completely replacing it, consider a bath fitter to give your tub and shower a fresh look for a budget-friendly cost.

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Author : Carolyn Pairitz

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