Restaurant near Highland Park launches brunch — with free alcohol

Starting April 6, Gather Kitchen at Northwest Highway and Preston Road in Dallas is handing out free alcoholic drinks during its Saturday brunch.

They know their audience, it seems. A press release entices customers to the boozy brunch, noting that “it literally costs zero dollars.” Customers can order from Gather Kitchen’s new brunch menu of chicken and waffles, salmon benedict, a waffle BLT and the like.

Gather Kitchen at Preston Road and Northwest Highway in Dallas will start offering brunch on April 6, 2019. With the new menu comes free alcohol for anyone 21 and up. 
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Gather Kitchen is known outside of brunchtime for its healthful, build-your-own bowls with ingredients like sweet potato noodles, spinach and quinoa. At brunchtime, the calorie-counting is a little more wheels off, though healthy options are there, too, with dishes like zucchini-and-broccoli scrambled eggs and lots of salads.

The restaurant doesn’t have a TABC license, which means it can’t sell alcohol. But it can give it away to anyone 21 and up, “as long as there’s no purchase or entry fee required,” says Chris Porter, public information officer for TABC.

Gather founder Soraya Spencer is getting into the brunch game because she calls brunch “a staple in the Dallas foodie scene.” Newish Dallas restaurants like Snooze, an A.M. Eatery have found plenty of success in the middle-of-the-day meal while longtime Dallas restaurant The Grape recently canceled its weekend brunch. In 2017, a GuideLive staffer went so far as to write an essay about “why brunch is stupid.” It sparked some #feelings.

Gather Kitchen is starting brunch from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays at its Preston Center shop, which has been open since August 2018. The company also operates a Gather in downtown Dallas — open since August 2017 — but plans aren’t in place to offer brunch there yet.

Free cocktails will change each week and are available while supplies last. Options might include a Bloody Mary bar, sangria bar or tequila mixing station.

Gather Kitchen’s brunch (and free alcoholic drinks) begins April 6, 2019. The restaurant is located at 6135 Luther Lane, Dallas.

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