What is Candytopia? It’s a sugar rush on steroids for Dallas Instagram lovers

Candytopia, a new installation in Dallas, is a sugar rush on steroids. It sends its visitors through an ultra-sensory trip straight out of a Willy Wonka dream, then leaves them blinking outside in the sunlight, sucking on a lollipop and wondering how they’re going to describe this to their friends.

But the answer is obvious: Instagram. Faster than they can count down from 5 before a confetti cannon blasts them in the face (and that really happens), Dallasites’ Instagram feeds are about to be jammed with Candytopia capers.

Candytopia is but one of many immersive art exhibits — a controversial topic among Dallasites. While all offer moments to make Instagram followers jealous, they also tend to be expensive and overconfident.

“Some of these pop-ups feature installations that are more like glorified J.C. Penney photo backdrops than compelling works of art,” our Tiney Ricciardi wrote in a story analyzing the trend. Some of the immersive art exhibits that have come before Candytopia in Dallas are Psychedelic Robot, Eye Scream Wasted and Sweet Tooth Hotel (which is opening its third iteration soon).

Another exhibit, Snap151, opens the same day in Dallas that Candytopia does: April 5. But these two exhibits are nothing alike.

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Sarah Blaskovich


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