Spring Storm Damage? Here’s How to Make Your Insurance Company Cover the Repairs

It’s never good news to have to file a major claim on your home. There is a myriad of things this could be. For example, roof damage after a big storm, flooding due to a major disaster, a tree coming through the roof, fire, porch or deck collapse due to water damage, and the list goes on and on.


You’re going to need help navigating the host of new issues and people who come to help. Such as, public and private insurance adjusters, contractors, inspectors, and engineers. It’s no small project and feeling confident about your ability and prepared to manage this circumstance will help things go much easier for you and your family.

Let’s discuss how to manage your world and all its new components and participants after filing a major claim with your insurance company after experiencing home damage. First, prepare yourself for a lengthy process. It can be anywhere from six months to five years. In some cases, even longer. However, being prepared will definitely expedite the process. Let’s get to it!

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