How to Plan Your Edible Garden

Plan before you plant to ensure that your fruits and vegetables have a chance to thrive

Whether you’re starting a new garden or returning to a well-established one, planning is essential for a successful and fun experience. To give your garden the best chance to thrive, take time to get organized at the beginning of your growing season.
 May 9, 2019
Houzz Contributor. Rebecca Cuttler’s mission is to share her love of urban food gardening with the world. She is the author of, a blog that shares simple and effective techniques for growing food on an urban home garden scale with informative videos, photos and articles. She grows a huge amount of vegetables on a small lot in Vancouver, B.C. She is an urban gardening teacher for Hollyhock, Canada’s lifelong learning centre, gardening writer for the Vancouver Observer, co-host of Fabulous Urban Gardens on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 and member of the Vancouver Food Policy Council.

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