7 Things That Stand in the Way of Having an Organized Home

Whether your challenge is lack of time, a toddler underfoot, poor health or another obstacle, a pro can help you through.

If you watched the popular Netflix series following Marie Kondo as she guides clients through decluttering and organizing their homes, you probably already have a good idea of the benefits of paring back your belongings. What you may not realize is that the KonMari method is just one approach. In my work as a professional home organizer, I’ve found that some people need more assistance with the process.

Good professional home organizers tailor their services to match the client’s needs and particular organizing challenges. Here are seven roadblocks to reducing belongings that a professional organizer can help you address.

 June 8, 2019
Houzz Contributor. Jeanne Taylor is a professional home organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the co-owner of Tailorly with her business partner Patricia Lee. Together they create beautiful homes through decluttering, organizing, and styling. For more information visit www.tailorly.net.

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