Dallas Native Voice | Why Customers Love Full Service Storage

Mary Beth H.:                    Hi. This is Mary Beth Harrison with Dallas Native Voice. And I’m sitting here with Taylor from CallBox, one of my favorite new companies that I have found. It is a boon to my clients and that’s why I love it.

Mary Beth H.:                    So tell us a little bit about what you do, and how this even works, because they are a storage company, but not like your big box that they come dump in your front yard, and it takes up your entire driveway for however long it’s there. So that’s what I love about this. So tell me about it.

Taylor:                                  Yeah, yeah. And I often get questions about the company that brings the giant box that you have to fill.

Mary Beth H.:                    Yes, yourself.

Taylor:                                  That yourself.

Mary Beth H.:                    And that’s thing, you fill it yourself, yes.

Taylor:                                  Exactly. That’s in… It takes time. It’s a lot of manpower to get all the stuff in one of those things.

Mary Beth H.:                    Well, and pack it right.

Taylor:                                  Exactly.

Mary Beth H.:                    Because you want to get the most for your money at that point.

Taylor:                                  Yeah. You’re trying to shove it all in there. And then you’re, “Wait, is it protected? Is my stuff safe?” So, yeah.

Mary Beth H.:                    Yes, yes. So you all do something completely different, but it’s still a storage.

Taylor:                                  Right. Still a storage, but it’s more of a concierge style storage. So we’ll come to the customer, and we do all the heavy lifting. So we’ll come pick everything up. If it’s all boxed up and ready for us, we don’t charge for any of labor to come and get it. Take pictures of everything. So we’ll take pictures of every box, every piece of furniture, pictures on the wall, TVs, whatever they’re storing with us.

Taylor:                                  And then we’ll load it on our truck safely. We use moving blankets, shrink-wrap. We have boxes. We have TV boxes. Anything to protect what is going to be stored with us.

Taylor:                                  And then we’ll take it to storage. It’s all climate controlled. Some people often ask me that. And in the heat of summer it’s, “Is my stuff safe in there?” [crosstalk 00:01:43] “If I send candles will they melt?”

Taylor:                                  So yeah. So we’ll send it away. It’s climate controlled. It’s secured, so it’s 24 hour video surveillanced. All of our employees are the only people allowed inside the facility, so everyone’s been background checked to drug screened by us-

Mary Beth H.:                    So here’s my question, I give you my stuff in August and September. And I think I’m going to need it by October. I only need it there for about a month, right? But things happen.

Taylor:                                  Right.

Mary Beth H.:                    Never in my life, but maybe in someone else’s life, right? Things happen, and I’m still in storage in December. But it’s cold, and I need my sweaters, so-

Taylor:                                  Yeah. Oo, great way to use this.

Mary Beth H.:                    … How do I… How does that happen? Because I really need my sweaters.

Taylor:                                  Exactly. Yeah, just to access those things we have an online photo inventory for all of our customers. So you would log into your account, and you would see, “Oh, here’s box 5-6-7-4,” it’s all bar coded. And it will have a detailed description that says, “Winter sweaters.”

Mary Beth H.:                    Aah.

Taylor:                                  So you’d be able to select that box, select a delivery date, and then we call and schedule an exact time.

Mary Beth H.:                    So you all bring the box to me?

Taylor:                                  Yes.

Mary Beth H.:                    Wow.

Taylor:                                  Yes.

Mary Beth H.:                    Okay.

Taylor:                                  You never have to set foot in a storage unit, again.

Mary Beth H.:                    Wow, that is so cool.

Mary Beth H.:                    Well I have actually used your service. And so I can speak firsthand of how wonderful it is. They come in. They’re so clean. The guys are just neat and put together. And they come in, and they pick up your boxes, they pack what’s not packed. But I love that everything is tagged, and you know exactly where everything is.

Mary Beth H.:                    And then like you said, when you’re ready for it to be delivered, which we were a couple of weeks ago, we were ready for it to be delivered back, and on it came. It was just… It was the most seamless, wonderful way to store. I love that. And you can store for a week. You can store for years. I mean that’s-

Taylor:                                  Right.

Mary Beth H.:                    You’ve got both of those. But I love for the short term, people who need to get their house cleaned up before they put it on the market-

Taylor:                                  Oh yes.

Mary Beth H.:                    This is such a perfect way to do that. But the fact that I could go back and get my stuff… I could get my Christmas decorations.

Taylor:                                  Oh yes.

Mary Beth H.:                    I love this story. I don’t remember who told us that they called you guys and said, “Want my Christmas decorations.” You all delivered them. They used them for Christmas, and then you said, “Okay, time to pick them back up,” and you came and picked them up and took them back to storage. I love that.

Mary Beth H.:                    Well if you need any other wonderful ideas of moving, packing or otherwise, you can go to our website at DallasNative.com, or any of our social media. We go where you go.

Mary Beth H.:                    And thanks for listening.


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