10 Standout Fall Container Gardens With Extra Seasonal Pizazz

When it’s time to assemble fall container gardens, including a few sprigs of preserved berries, colorful branches, a bright pumpkin or other bonus natural elements can be an easy way to add more color and interest. If you have existing planted containers, simply tuck in an ingredient of your choice, no repotting required. If you’re putting together new fall containers, mix seasonal elements in with the plants to help bring home a fall theme. Conversely, skip potting entirely and go with a low-maintenance arrangement of dried foliage or a pumpkin tower.

For inspiration, take a look at these 10 fall containers that all feature at least one extra ingredient to give them some seasonal pizazz.

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1. Put a Pumpkin on It

Use a pumpkin to hide the bare spot left by faded summer annuals for an instant container garden pick-me-up. Choose a pumpkin according to the size of your container and the bare spot you’d like to cover; if your container is tight on space, tuck in a miniature pumpkin to hide among the foliage.

KMS Gardens and Design
2. Sprays of Berries

Add more interest and color to existing container designs by tucking in a few cut branches of berries, as in this arrangement by KMS Gardens and Design. You can clip fresh branches of berries from shrubs in your garden or purchase preserved or artificial branches of berries to use year after year.

The Windowbox Gardener
3. Squash Cage

Fill a garden obelisk with gourds, squashes and pumpkins for a colorful display that will enhance your porch’s curb appeal. Plant the base of the arrangement with variegated ivy, as The Windowbox Gardener did in this design, or fill in around the base with sprays of preserved fall leaves.

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4. Pumpkin Planters

Cut the tops off pumpkins and empty them as if you were going to carve them. Then, tuck potted fall bloomers into the pumpkins. Mums of many colors are readily available in nurseries this time of year and will bloom all season long. Clumps of heather would also work well for this container, as they’re a perfect size and even look nice dried. Or, add faces to the pumpkins and fill them with different types of ornamental grasses to look like wild hairstyles.

Note: Once cut, pumpkins will have a limited lifespan. To re-create the look, you can always replace real pumpkins with pumpkin-shaped planters.

Rikki Snyder
5. All Dried

No planting is needed for this exuberant fall arrangement of dried grasses, flowers, seed heads and preserved fall foliage. You may be able to forage for some ingredients in your garden, and you can easily supplement the arrangement with purchased dried elements.

A few dried elements to consider: seed heads of ornamental grasses, trailing amaranthus, sunflower seed heads, preserved fall leaves, wheat sheafs, branches with preserved or artificial fruits, cattail seed heads, dried lotus pods and more.

Greenlife Gardens
6. Fall Harvest

If your container already features a few edible elements, such as rosette-shaped cabbages, bright peppers or curly kale, take it to the next level by putting together a potted harvest arrangement like this one by Greenlife Gardens. Pile on pumpkins, gourds and any squashes you’ve picked from your garden, arranging them in a new container or among veggies already growing in a pot.

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