Dallas chocolatiers popping up with special holiday shops all over North Texas

Kate Weiser brings Carl the Snowman to Frisco and Plano, and Dude, Sweet heads to downtown Dallas.

Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman for sale from Kate Weiser Chocolate at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco.(Vernon Bryant / Staff Photographer)

Chocolatier Kate Weiser didn’t know five years ago that she was creating a million-dollar snowman.

Since then, the popularity of Carl the Snowman has soared. He landed on the 2018 Oprah’s Favorites Things list and today graces the Neiman Marcus catalog. The dark-chocolate snowman melts in a pan of hot milk while the mini-marshmallows inside his head float to the top, yielding five to eight cups of perfect hot drinking chocolate.

This holiday season, Weiser has added three pop-up kiosk locations where you can find Carl ― Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, the Shops at Willow Bend in Plano and Terminal D at DFW International Airport ― in addition to the original Trinity Groves Kate Weiser Chocolate shop.

“It’s kind of funny that such a magical chocolate figure would have a normal name like Carl,” Weiser told Edible Dallas & Fort Worth several years ago. She chose the name, she says, because it made her employees giggle. “If I’d have known he’d be such a phenomenon, I’d have thought about it a little bit harder.”

What makes the ephemeral Carl a million-dollar snowman? This holiday season, a team of 17 employees will have made 60,000 of the melting confection. The retail price is $30 (more at outlets such as Amazon and Neiman Marcus). Do the math: That translates to $1.8 million gross ― and a very merry Christmas for Kate Weiser.

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7:00 AM on Dec 6, 2019

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