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Fishing is a fun, affordable way for family and friends to spend time together outside. There are a lot of great places in Texas to check out. And with Free Fishing Day just around the corner, there’s no reason not to wet a line. In Texas, on Free Fishing Day, you are not required to have a license while fishing. This event falls on the first Saturday in June of each year. It’s a great time to give fishing a try.

Know the Fishing Regulations

howtomeasurefish 350x159.jpgAlways follow fishing regulations. They are in place to protect fish populations so they can continue to be available now and in the future. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is the government agency responsible for enforcing fishing regulations.

Year-round, TPWD hosts “Free Fishing in State Parks.” Check out the parks that have no fishing license requirements as part of this program. All other fishing regulations still apply, such as length and bag limits.

Your Adventure Is Waiting

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Recycle Fishing Line

If you need to cut off fishing line, never leave it in the water, on shore, or on a pier. Fishing line lasts about 600 years in the environment and is dangerous, and even deadly, for wildlife such as sea turtles and pelicans. It can also become tangled in boat props.

Fishing Line Recycling.jpgRecycling is the best option for fishing line. However, only single filament, nylon line is recyclable. Line cannot be recycled if it is braided, contains a wire, or has lot of growth on it or plant material mixed up with it. Monofilament line is recycled into tackle boxes, spools, and other plastic products.

You can’t include fishing line in your normal household recycling. However, there are special bins at many tackle shops and fishing spots across Texas. If you can’t find a bin at your favorite spot, you can volunteer to sponsor one. You can also mail your clean fishing line to Berkley Recycling. If you must throw line in the garbage, cut it into six inch pieces. Birds can still get tangled in line that is in trashcans and it can easily blow out of trashcans and return to the environment.

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