Rooftop Nurse Feeds the Hungry

KENNEDALE, TX — An Arlington woman will stay perched on a rooftop, rain or shine, until she reaches her goal to help the hungry.


“150,000 pounds [of donated food]. I’ll come down then,” said Robin Evans-Hanson.

Robin climbed up to the roof of the First United Methodist Church in Kennedale this morning. She’s got a custom-built platform on the crest of the roof, with a tent to help shield her from the weather and a few other creature comforts. She’ll only climb down for an occasional bathroom break or if there’s imminent danger.

“I’ll come down if it lightnings,” she said.

Her crew back ground is weighing and tracking donations, including contributions online through her “Robin on the Roof” Facebook page.

“She’s got a heart of gold,” said volunteer Esta Dunham. “Hopefully she’ll be down before too long.”

Eight years ago, Robin decided this was her way to make a difference for the 1-in-6 North Texans who are food insecure. In her day job as an ICU nurse at Medical City Fort Worth, she sees too many people who forgo vital medicine because they can’t afford food for their families.

“We’re very good as a society around Christmas, around Thanksgiving, to give abundantly to the food pantries. But the rest of the time, we forget,” said Evans-Hanson.

She wants people to take notice, and climbing on a roof seems to work. Passers-by can’t help but stop to waive. Some climb up to the roof for a chat.

“It allows me to raise awareness all over the world,” she said.

In addition to donating canned goods for food pantries, many visitors bring sustenance to keep Robin fueled. She hauls it up to the roof in a basket. She’s does it the first weekend every June, and usually it takes her four days to reach her goal.

“Knock on shingles,” she said.

With more than 100,000 pounds to go, she’s asking for help. But in the meantime, she’s in a good place to keep watch over others.

“Spread the news, spread the love, spread the food,” she said.

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