Local Cheerleader Inspires Us To Never Give Up


When her daughter wanted to be a cheerleader, Cindy Lowe had no choice but to say yes. Because she has always told Brittany, who has down syndrome, that nothing is impossible.

Which is why, when Brittany saw other cheerleaders doing back handsprings, she just figured she could do one too.

“There was no doubt in her mind that she was going to get it,” Cindy said.

Nevermind that they didn’t know anyone with down syndrome who had ever done a back handspring.

But Brittany was determined. The first time she tried, she failed.

She fell the second time and the third. It happened over and over.

“It was not a failed situation for her just to even attempt it, to me, it was huge,” Cindy said.

It went on that way for two years until, not long ago, with her mom watching through the window, Brittany finally landed her back handspring.

Brittany decided she wanted to do it again, this time in front of an audience of thousands at the national cheerleading competition in Dallas. She nailed it without hesitation.

“I was so proud,” Cindy said. “It was an amazing moment. Tears in my eyes. Just something that is hard to describe because you just know how hard she’s worked.”

“I was so happy,” Brittany said.

Today, you still can’t wipe the smile off her face. In fact, the only thing impossible is giving up.


Source: http://www.wfaa.com/life/local-cheerleader-reaches-dreams-by-never-giving-up/444733159

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