How to Beat the Texas Heat for $14

Remember that heat wave we just endured? In the continued quest to save you time and money, the slight temperature dip this week has led to price drops on one of my favorite ways to beat the heat.


Our recommendation: If you were as hot as I was last week and you want some cooling on the go, check out the iEgrow now.

If you’ve ever purchased a battery fan, USB powered fan or rechargeable fan, you’ve likely experienced the worst battery power and performance ever. The iEgrow is the top rated portable fan on Amazon for very good reason.

Click the play button to watch the iEGrow in action. Features include: 

– Can be used as a desk fan, clip fan or portable hand fan
– Includes stand
– Quiet operation and extremely powerful performance
– Can be charged via USB, from a computer or smartphone charger
– Highly durable (ABS build)
– Internal battery similar to power bank battery performance
– Adjustable with several speeds
– Ideal for travel and camping
– Solid mosquito deterrent
– Lowest recorded price today

$13.99 iEGrow Fan + Choice Of Color + Prime Shipping
Was: $19.99
Now: $13.99
**Not a Prime Member? Use this free trial to score free shipping


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