Trending: Family Dog, Daisy Mae, Found After Plano Car Crash

The survivors of a Plano car crash have found their back seat passenger, an 11-month-old white lab/retriever mix named Daisy Mae, who went missing.

Trenton Ray was driving his girlfriend Erica Cruz to work, eastbound on the George Bush Turnpike, as traffic slowed on the ramp to southbound U.S. 75.

“I looked in my rear view mirror, and all I saw was a big ole grill guard,” said Ray. “And that’s the last thing that I remember.”

The big rig truck crushed the back of their car, folding the entire trunk up to the back seat where Daisy was sitting. Both Ray and Cruz were briefly knocked unconscious. When paramedics were helping the badly injured couple from the car, Daisy was gone.

Daisy was found far down in an embankment on the south side of the railroad tracks, located in a four-foot tall brush.

She is currently at an emergency animal hospital. According to Mutts & Mayhem Animal Rescue, Daisy likely has a fractured pelvis and femur. Her left leg is swollen twice the size that it should be. Daisy can no longer walk from her injuries.

Erica Cruz, Daisy’s mom, has asked Mutts & Mayhem Animal Rescue to care for Daisy on her behalf because they are not able to travel or handle any of the logistics at this time.

According to their post, Mutts and Mayhem will be paying for Daisy’s medical expenses with the help of generous people who have fallen in love with her through this tragedy.

If you’d like to help and donate to get the care Daisy needs, click here.

Courtesy of WFAA-TX

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