10 Things Texans Love About Summer (Sort of)

The one word I use every summer to describe the heat is oppressive. Straight up, summer weighs down on me with its humidity and cloudless skies, and makes me go all Grumpy Cat on everyone within a mile radius.

But between the feelings of absolute disdain, there are moments of gratitude. You know it when you feel it. Just admit it, you love these 10 things about summer in Texas.

1. Complaining about the weather. California’s in a drought of epic proportions? Puh-lease y’all, it’s literally hell over here.

2. Bumming at friends’ pools, parents’ pools, friends’ parents’ pools, or friends of friends’ pools. Even a distant acquaintance will work; we’re friends now.

3. Walking into a building with air conditioning after being outside. Hey, it’s long, hot trip from the car.

4. Ice cubes. We all know you can’t depend on the faucet water to be cold.

5. Posting pictures of the weather app’s/our cars’ assessment of the temperature, usually done in tandem with a complaint.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

6. Cold showers. Forever and always we love you cold showers!

7. Naps during the heat of the day. Because what else are you suppose to do, enjoy the sunshine? #yeahright

8. Wearing sweat stains like a team jersey. We’re all in this together!

9. Finding a friend who owns a boat and pledging your loyalty to the lake by becoming first mate.

10. Finally, the last thing that gets Texans through the summer is the thought of winter. We just can’t wait for this sun-stricken, god forsaken season to be over and done with. Bring on the ice storms, baby, we’re ready.

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