The Best Unlocked Smartphone Deals

Are the days of paying $600 for a new smartphone finally over? Can you buy a quality smartphone for $60?

The answer today is yes.

Here’s how the $60 Alcatel Unlocked Smartphone With Lockscreen Offers compares to the iPhone 7 and the current Samsung Android phones:

– The phone and display are solid; it can’t beat anything with the word retina in it but it’s $60!
– The $60 phone was FASTER using Amazon Apps. Since this is an Amazon Prime subsidized phone, it is optimized to work with Prime Photos, Video and the Alexa app at a slightly faster pace in our tests
– Camera is decent but it can’t hold its own against the iPhone or Samsung 7
– Processing power wasn’t dramatically different. The $60 phone has the same amount of RAM as both the iPhone 7 and S7
– Call quality was identical
– Movie playback via speaker was slightly inferior on the $60 phone
– Phone proved to be just as durable in common drop tests

General Findings: The $60 unlocked smartphone (available only to Prime Members – otherwise you pay $40 more) is a tremendous everyday phone. It’s great for content consumption (streaming movies, music and phone calls with a solid speakerphone). For content creation (making movies, using many apps and for the selfie obsessed), get a recent iPhone, Pixl or Samsung smartphone.

$40 Off Alcatel Unlocked Smartphone With Lockscreen Offers
Was: $99.99
Now: $59.99
**Non-Prime Members can purchase the phone for $40 more.

For $100, you can come much closer to matching the specs of the iPhone or Samsung S6 and this is my favorite:

The overall Winner:

$50 Off New Moto G Play Unlocked Smartphone +Lockscreen Offers
Was: $149.99
Now: $99.99
***If you are not a Prime Member, use this free Prime Membership trial to purchase phone
**If you do not want to become a Prime Member, you can buy the phone for $29 more right here.


– Fast 4G LTE speed and Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor
– 2GB RAM (same as iPhone 7)
– Includes 16GB of Storage, expandable up to 128GB with microSD card
– Insanely good all day battery life
– Bright 5″ HD display
– Splashproof design
– One of the best phones we’ve ever tested
– No contract and unlocked for all major carriers!
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Already love your phone but want to improve its picture quality? My favorite top-rated accessory deal is:

51% Off Top Rated iPhone & Android 10X Clip On Lens
Was: $34.99
Now: $16.99

Courtesy of WFAA

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