This Gadget Will Bring Light and Music To Your Garden

For the countless times you’ve wished you had a little more light or a little more music in your backyard, your solution is on sale. In the quest to save more cash than anyone else on the planet, one of the more brilliantly-designed bargains brings sound and light.

I’ve never seen a sleek Bluetooth wireless stereo with a hole in the middle. That hole can fasten around an umbrella, to a pole or illuminate a table from underneath. It’s ready for the beach, able to house a sun umbrella and the perfect camping essential.

For all those times where you wished you could stream your favorite music or illuminate a table at night, here is a great recommendation.

The KINGSO Patio LED Umbrella speakers bring clear loud sound, impressive bass given the size and some great feature.

Click the play button to watch this backyard bad boy in action. 

– Easy to install: completely cordless
– Quickly fastens around any umbrella or can be used on its own
– Two 40mm drivers, stream from up to 30 feet away
– 64 LED fixture: Apple & Android ready
– Ideal in the event of a power outage, great for emergency use
– Creates ambiance: multiple LED colors are fun at night
– Excellent gadget for parties or star gazing
– Built in rechargeable battery got us 5 hours of performance
– Great for streaming or for movie nights
– Beach ready
– Great indoors and outdoors
– Extremely well rated
– 12 month warranty and lowest recorded price today

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Was: $84.42
Now: $36.99

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