Fall Fashion in the Garden

What’s your personal style?

Did you ever notice that your favorite colors in the garden mirror that same ones you might find in your wardrobe? Is your palette bolder in your closet than it is out of doors? As with clothing and furniture, there are fashion trends in our landscapes.


We all gravitate toward certain favorites, but are there some colors you avoid in your landscape as well as life? Many love bold color, but there are some who refrain from the more intense shades and stick to the pale pinks, whites and blues. Others want nothing to do with subtlety and select only intense reds, hot pinks and purples. The brighter the better!

Celosia ‘Intenz’ is just that!

Whatever color scheme you prefer, it’s great to get ideas from current fashion trends and step a little out of your comfort zone to try something new and fresh in your landscape. Each year Pantone keeps an eye on runway color trends in New York and this year they looked at the fall hues in the London shows as well. It is interesting to see how the tones shift from city to city and to wonder what the lineup of color would look like here in the Dallas area.

Traditionally, the fall season brings to mind warm hues such as golden yellows, rusty browns and vibrant oranges; but because of our scorching summer temperatures in Texas  often linger well in to September and October, those colors might feel a bit weighted. Instead we can welcome and combine some of the cooler pastel pinks, rich chartreuse greens and toasted tans with the classic fall hues.

The silver leaves of Dusty Miller complement every season!

Think beyond the classic mums and Crotons with the standard orange/gold fall color scheme. Outfit your garden with a blend of fall blooming perennials such as golden Copper Canyon Daisy and the contrasting purples of Salvia leucantha – both bloom profusely in the fall. Grasses such as Mexican feather grass, muhly grass, and switchgrass bring texture as well as seasonal tones of dried yellow and misty rose pink.

Switch grass makes a lovely fall combo with purple angelonia.

Did you know that fall is the time to plant snapdragons? Snapdragons, which come in bronzey orange, deep velvety red as well as pink and neon yellow, put on an excellent fall color show. Plants usually overwinter and put on a new flush of blooms in spring. Use snapdragons in mass plantings or in containers.

peach-colored snapdragons

Whether you love a crisp row of colorful annuals or a wild mixture of grasses and perennials, there are lots of ways to embrace personal color preferences in your landscape to reflect your personal style. We’re here to work with you to plan for vibrant color in your fall garden or provide great ideas for containers that instantly transform your landscape for autumn.



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