Techy Tuesday: The Best Theft Deterent

It’s a smarter outlet that can protect your home from theft, water your plants, make your morning coffee, activate your Christmas lights and fulfill countless other tasks. It also replaces a fire hazard in your home! In my quest to protect your home and wallet, this gadget is a winner.

Think of the deal I just hunted down as a light timer meets appliance protector meets home protection system. Ask anyone in law enforcement: One of the best ways to deter theft is to make your home look inhabited when you’re not there – using lights on timers!

Your best deal today can randomly turn your household lights on and off when you’re not there! You can also program your own schedule. Simply plug in any appliance, light, or product that you want to control and you’re good to go.

Click the play button to watch this brilliant bargain in action. Features include:

– Highest safety standards to meet household energy demands
– Certified by CE and ROHS
– Fire resistant PC shell
– Child safety lock function with auto-shut off
– Overload protection
– Can substantially lower your home energy costs
– No smartphone or app needed; sets up in seconds
– Can control multiple appliances when integrated with an additional surge protector
– Audible alarm feature
– Can randomly turn lights on and off – ideal for when you’re away
– The best way to control your Christmas lights and other appliances
– Works with a coffee maker to ensure that cup is brewing as you wake up
– No batteries or WiFi required
– Infinite uses and at its lowest recorded price today

73% Off Time Switch and Outlet Protection + Prime Shipping
Was: $59.99
Now: $15.99
***This model just hit market and could sell out very quickly!

Courtesy of WFAA

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