How to get 40 extra hours of battery life from your phone

It’s a terrible feeling: You’re in an emergency situation and you don’t have enough power to complete a phone call. That battery goes dead before you can send the text telling your family where you are. In the event of a storm or a situation where you don’t have a electricity for a period of time, I have you covered.

In my quest to save you money and find great deals, today’s viewer request unfortunately follows the devastation in Texas. We are just as vulnerable during blackouts or when that winter storm season hits. Your best friend in an emergency is the bargain I hunted down today that merges a typical power bank with the fastest form of emergency power transfer available for under $20.

Compact High-Capacity Mobile Charger

Click the play button to watch the Blackberry Mobile Charger in action. What is it?

– It’s a power bank meets charger meets high speed charging technology device
– It can quickly charge two smartphones or tablets faster than anything in its price range
– Works with Apple, Android and countless other phones and tablets
– Features Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Technology for fastest device charging
– Includes over heating protection, over charging protection and countless other safety features
– Ideal for travel, back to school and emergency situations
– Use your iPhone six times longer (without needing to plug in to a wall outlet)
– Gave me 3.5 days extra use from my Samsung smartphone
– Get up to an additional 11 hours from an iPad or competing device
– Lowest recorded price today and most powerful in its class

60% Off High Capacity Super Fast Apple & Android Charger & Battery Pack + Free Shipping
Was: $49.99
Now: $19.99
***Due to an incredibly high demand, please allow an additional 3 days for shipping.

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Courtesy of Matt Granite from WFAA

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