Techy Tuesday: Security with Night Vision

It’s the no. 1 request right before Halloween: Property protection, surveillance and night vision. Like clock work every year, I collect more requests for home security at precisely this time. In my quest to save you cash, today I have you and your home covered!

The issue with most surveillance systems on the market is their night vision mode is awful. Yes, you can stream to a smartphone or tablet but what happens when you actually need to protect your property at night? Your solution today is on sale. It’s also ideal for checking in on the elderly, a pet cam, nanny cam, potential baby monitor and great before the holidays.

Before all of those holiday deliveries start to arrive, there is a better way to keep an eye on your door and your packages. Click the play button to see how well today’s deal performed in tests at my home. 

Highlights include:

– Spectacular full 1080p HD surveillance video
– The best night vision capabilities ever tested at this price
– Two-way audio makes this a fantastic baby monitor
– Ideal for elderly care, pet care and a fantastic nanny cam
– User controlled pan and tilt
– Intelligent motion detection with app alerts
– Works with Apple, Windows and Android smartphones and tablets
– Real time wireless streaming shows you your property in real time
– 350-degree viewing coverage
– Includes many other features and accessories
– Lowest recorded price today

$35 Off Top Rated Surveillance System With Night Vision + Free Shipping
Was: $99.99
Now: $64.99

Courtesy of WFAA // Matt Granite

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