Handyman stands for Houston by helping veterans

Image result for Rocky Snyder is a handyman who is dedicated to helping veterans.

On Tuesday, he was in Waller County helping an Army K-9 veteran who has a dog training business—he helped her fix a doggy door issue.

“What I realized was that there were so many veterans that have little things around the house that need to be fixed up that add up,” Snyder said.

He quit his job the day before Valentine’s Day earlier this year and opened a business called Time to Help Vets.

He fixes things for as much as they’re able to pay or free if they cannot afford it.

He charges $55 per hour, offering handyman services to non-vets.

“I can do anything around the house,” Snyder said. “If you buy hours here, I can donate an hour and some materials to a veteran.”

Along the way, Home Depot has donated materials for him to use on the job. He said Lowe’s has discounted prices as well.

“I literally live on faith and I’ve been doing it since February,” he said.

Snyder was never in the military, but his father was an airborne ranger. His uncle served in the Marines too.

“If I don’t do this, who will,” he said. “That is something a veteran once said to me. ‘If not, then who?’”

Snyder said he has helped nearly 45 veterans since he started doing this full time. He’s helped with repairs no matter how small, because he said he believes many are too prideful to ask for help.

It’s not just about fixing things for vets—Snyder says whenever he has regular jobs, he takes veterans along and gives them some of the dollars.

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