Techy Tuesday: How to cut the cord and get free TV

The average cost of a cable or satellite bill in our region is more than $120 per month. If you are one of the many people out there over-paying for a lot of channels you don’t watch to get the few channels you need, I have you covered.

In my quest to save you cash, I want to cater to two groups of people today. There are those who need help streaming and those looking for the perfect HDTV antenna.

If you need help streamingclick here and visit my “how to cut the cord” video guide.

For those in need of the great FREE live local HDTV programming including what’s offered by this TV station, two antennas from ANTOP now offer better reception and quality than anything I’ve tested.

With a first-of-its-kind 4G and 3G filter, both antenna deals below incorporate a smartpass amplifier as well – ensuring the end to distortion typically experienced with conventional HD TV antennas.

Click the play button to see my tests of an ANTOP antenna in action. Features include:

– No monthly fees
– Allowed us to watch more channels than any antenna in a similar price range
– Smart antenna achieves a balance between short and long range reception
– Paper thin (and an option that doubles as a picture frame)
– Extremely easy to set up
– Multidirectional reception strengths
– Compatible with older TV’s and converter boxes
– Produces brilliant picture with digital and 4K Ultra TV’s
– Lowest recorded price today

$30 Off Top Rated 40-50 Mile Indoor HDTV Antenna + Free Shipping
Was: $69.99
Now: $39.99
**There is another option available for $25

Courtesy of Matt Granite // WFAA

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