Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Tired of lugging out the heavy vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning? Why not let someone (or something) else do the work for you? Introducing Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaners! Armed with powerful suction and smart technology that allows them to traverse your rooms on their own, these robot vacuums take care of your everyday floor cleaning needs.

After a 4 hour charge, these units can run up to a max of 90 minutes before needing a rest. Got allergies? Pets? The brushless suction design prevents the automatic cleaner from getting clogged in homes with cat or dog hair and can help make your household an allergy free safe zone.

There are two models to choose from:


PUCRC25 outmatches other entry level robot vacuums. Where other models skimp – this vacuum come through with a removable dustbin, dual rotating side brushes, and edge sensors that can detect stairs and automatically divert the robot away – damage free.


With a run-time of 90 minutes and suction pressure of 500 Pa., this vacuum has the power to get the job done. Its low 3.1-inch profile means it fits under most beds, while its cliff sensors help prevent it from rolling over stairs.

An easy-to-use LCD screen and wireless remote make this robot vacuum easy to control and program, however it can also control itself – automatically returning to its charging station when cleaning is done or the battery is low.

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