Wacky Wednesday: Texas Woman Finds Bears in Car While in Colorado

A Texas woman had quite the mess to clean up after a couple of unusual thieves broke into her car while visiting Colorado.

Liddy Breeden said she woke up Monday morning and found a mama bear and two cubs rummaging through her stuff.

Bears are known to be protective of their young, so Breeden was surprised at the mama bear’s reaction to her.

“She didn’t make a sound at me,” Breeden said. “That baby bear, when I opened the door, started hissing at me and I thought ‘oh dear, now I’m in really big trouble.'”

She said they ate what food was in the vehicle before eventually running off.

Day or night, Breeden said she won’t leave her car unlocked anymore.

She’s also going to have to take her car to the dealer to see if they can help get the bear smell out of it.

Source: Texas Woman Finds Bears in Car While in Colorado – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Texas-Woman-Finds-Bears-in-Car-While-on-Vacation-449667723.html#ixzz4vDdcAaXt 

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