Hidden Gems Around Dallas

Do you want to help a community thrive?  Are you looking for unique decor to feature in your home?  Or are you seeking a thoughtful and original gift to send to a friend?  Maybe you’re just looking to treat yourself to a new experience?  If any of these applies to you, you should consider supporting a local business in Dallas.

Communities that support local businesses have an economic advantage in an increasingly cookie-cutter world.  You can probably think of several businesses in your hometown that have a great reputation as an employer, as a group of philanthropists as well as a business that produces high-quality products and great customer service.

We hold the buying power and we get to choose whether to spend our money at a corporate chain or to support our community and the creative minds that make it special.  In Dallas, the creative community is alive and well.  You can support one of its many businesses, restaurants, music venues and the like by swapping out your department store home decor with something handmade with purpose and care by one of your neighbors.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to a variety of small business owners from restaurants to record stores to comic books and beyond.  There’s a small, socially-responsible business dedicated to all ages, interests and budgets nearby.

For the Music Fanatic

Good Records

Good Records brings music lovers together as a place to discover new music, support your favorite artists and experience something new.  Check them out at one of their many live events or stop by for their weekly rock-and-roll movie night.  It’s a definite way to connect with the local music scene.

Double Wide is a a small music venue that stays true to its name.  Inside its doors you’ll find all the decor you’d expect to see in and around a double wide trailer like bad paintings and Astroturf flooring,  But don’t be fooled.  This comedy-inspired space showcases some of the greatest local rock bands and serves the best drinks.

For the Giver

Nostalgia resides in Dallas Vintage Toys, a shop that is home to a collection of over 6,000 toys and trinkets.  While the toys are appropriate for children, they will pull on the heartstrings of adults of all ages.  Their collection dates back to the 1960s and primarily focuses on toys that were made between 1960 and 1999.  Their mission is to make the toys that we remember fondly part of our lives again.

Quality and creativity – these are the first two words that come to mind when you think of Odin Leather Goods.  Their vision is to make items that go through life journey with us and “develop character and charm that tell a story about the adventures you’ve taken them on.”  Their reasonably selection of handmade items are great gifts for all occasions.

Dallas local, Natalie Cross, works out of a studio in her backyard as the owner of Your House or Mine.  Her business is dedicated to handmade pottery of all kinds.  From the kitchen to the living room and beyond, each piece has its own character and is unlike any other.

Society by Jackson Vaughn

Give the gift of a beautifully-scented home when you purchase a candle or fragrance from Society Candles.  Candles are an easy go-to gift for anyone, but these unique scents will show that you put some extra thought into your purchase.

On the sentimental side, F is for Frank is a jewelry store in Texas with a unique twist.  All their jewelry is hand-sculpted and created with love in mind.  Both owners of this one-of-a-kind business use their backgrounds in sculpture to produce jewelry that acts as an eye-catching conversation piece.

Sister shop of Good Records, the Good Pagoda is a spin-off boutique selling locally made crafts and artworks from a variety of talents.  Staying true to their original brand, they also sell records and consider themselves to be a haven for the community with a yoga studio connected to the shop.

For the Caffeine Addict

For some me time, a trip to Murray Street Coffee Shop with a book will do the trick.  This modern, Scandinavian-inspired shop has great natural lighting served with hot teas and coffee beverages of your choosing.  They are frequently praised for their sandwiches and decor.  The only thing they’re missing is a blender – you’ll have to stick to Starbucks to meet your frappuccino needs.

Image result for union coffee dallas
Union Coffee

Dallas locals say that Union Coffee is more than a coffee shop – it’s a community.  They have a heavy focus on giving back and, in fact, 10% of every dollar spent here goes directly to a local charity.  Every four months they select a new charity and since their opening have donated thousands of dollars impacting the lives of those in their community.

Consider supporting one of these many businesses to improve your community and encourage it to keep on creating.

Courtesy of Matt Lawler / ZOG Digital Inc.

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