High-Tech Products From DIY Network’s I Want That

Whether you’re an electronics addict or just someone looking for a few extra toys, I Want That has the latest tech gadgets to make life a little easier.


Cocoon SLIM Backpack: The Premiere Tech Bag

Cocoon’s SLIM Backpack offers plenty of compartments to carry your iPad, tie-down straps for your chargers and small supplies.
With a 3.5 inch deep pocket and zippers down both sides, the Cocoon’s SLIM Backpackhelps you pack it all in without throwing on some clunky, uncool, disorganized sack.
Cocoon’s SLIM is the intricately designed tech bag with pockets deep enough to hold the most valuable gadgets and documents you own.

Zumreed Drop Wireless Speakers: A Wireless Water-Resistant Speaker

Who hasn’t sung in the shower? Zumreed’s Drop Wireless Speakers allow you to take your jams anywhere.
Connect your smartphone to Drop’s Wireless Speaker via Bluetooth and start listening anytime anywhere. Available in three colors, all speakers are water resistant complete with a hang strap.

Zipbuds Juiced 2.0: The Tangle-Free Earbuds

You’re tired of earbuds shorting out because they get knotted up. Zipbuds JUICED 2.0 makes sure that won’t happen again. Everyday listening is comfortable with the Ergo-Fit earbuds, angled and secure in your ears for optimal sound.
Zipbuds JUICED 2.0 earbuds offer their patented NEVER Tangle Zipper Cabling and strong crisp audio. JUICED 2.0’s 10mm drivers have been designed so every beat is sharp.
Don’t you hate it when you’re only given one choice? Zipbuds offers four hip colors including glow-in-the-dark.

Automatic Link: A Smartphone Driving Assistant

The Automatic Link wirelessly connects your smartphone and onboard computer for a better driving experience. Automatic provides tons of handy features including reminding you where you parked and scoring your driving behavior so you’ll start saving fuel.
Just plug in Link, Automatic’s easy-to-install wireless hardware into your car’s data port. Boom! Your car and phone are one.
Drive with peace of mind. Automatic assesses the car’s engine levels so you know when and why it’s time for your car to be serviced. Link even dials for help in an emergency with Crash Alert.

Bang Bang Tents: A Solar Powered Tent

Get away for the weekend in a Bang Bang Tent that allows you to stay technologically connected to the real world. With a 5w solar panel and lithium storage battery, you will still have access to your mobile phone or laptop.
Just slide the solar panel inside the rear pocket of any Bang Bang Tent. As long as the solar cell gets some sunlight, you can charge just about any low voltage laptop, smartphone or speakers from the power bank.

Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal: A New Kind of Briefcase

Look closely. Like a book, Twelve South’s BookBook Travel Journal blends in with the rest of your old relics. This elegant case is designed with hardback leather capable of holding your iPad and other small tech essentials.
Want to put those high end headphones in a secure place? No problem. BookBook Travel Journal is a hardback covered case that keeps even the most expensive gadgets safe and secure.
You can’t take your safe everywhere. But BookBook Travel Journal is designed to help protect all of your belongings from theft.

Prong PocketPlug: A Cord-Free Phone Charger

We’ve all left our phone charger at home. Why sweat it when Prong thought ahead for you? Prong’s PocketPlug is an iPhone protective case featuring a built-in charger.
Forget about tangled cables. Simply plug the PocketPlug into any two prong outlet and your iPhone will start juicing up.
Prong’s PocketPlug comes in a durable polycarbonate constructed case that can detach from the battery case. Designed exclusively for the iPhone 5 and 5s.

Griffin PowerDock 5: A Space-Saving Charging Station

Griffin’s PowerDock 5 is the ultimate charging station. It uses far less real estate than the average dock and it’s capable of putting out 10 watts.
From charging your iPad to iPhone simultaneously, PowerDock’s 5V circuitry will even charge most Kindle and Android products. The PowerDock 5 is optimized for IOS devices.

ShaveTech: An Innovative USB Electric Razor

Don’t be late to work again. ShaveTech’s electric razor is ultra-sleek and fashionable. No larger than your smartphone, shaving on-the-go with ShaveTech keeps your schedule less hectic.
With ShaveTech’s USB port that flips out, you can charge your razor anywhere. No adaptors needed.
Available in lustrous black or fresh white, ShaveTech is ultralight and comes with a soft pouch and cleaning brush for the perfect shave.
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