5 Crazy Beds to Sleep a Little Stranger In

Looking to add a little bit of weirdness to your bedroom? A fan of the strange and unique? This list of crazy beds is sure to inspire you to get wacky in your sleeping space.

Side Sleeper


This bed is great! If you only sleep on your side and never, ever move. Still, points for creativity.

Image: TechDigg.com

Sleep Spiral


Love this spiral staircase with matching bed combo, although the spotlights aimed down at the sleeping space seem a wee bit aggressive.

Image: HupeHome.com 

Hammock Hang


This hammock-style bed will appeal to anyone who has ever daydreamed of hiding out in never-neverland. Goodnight, lost boys!

Image: blog.futonstorenyc.co

Beer Barrel Bed


Beer lovers, rejoice. This recycled antique beer barrell is now your perfect slumber space.

Image: TigerSheds.com

Burger Bed


For the foodies, obviously! Lounge around on this burger bed, and try not to let it make you hungry.

Image: OzMattress.com

Posted on Nov 14 2017 – 4:41pm by Zoe Eisenberg

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