Dallas suburb named one of the safest cities to raise kids

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The National Council for Home Safety and Security ranks Flower Mound as the fifth safest U.S. city to raise kids, but it sure has a funny way of expressing it.

In a blog post about the ranking, the council claims that “Flower Mound’s name is probably its finest quality” and that “Flower Mound may not seem remarkable in any distinct way.”

On its website, the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce makes the case for the suburb’s remarkability by noting it “balances a unique blend of country atmosphere with a dynamic environment for economic development, and takes pride in being a leader in managed growth, quality of life, and environmental sensitivity.”

Additionally, the chamber points out Flower Mound is “one of the safest communities in Texas and continues to explore ways to improve public safety through a variety of programs, partnerships, and technology.”

The safety and security council does give props to Flower Mound for its family-friendly feel and its SMARTGrowth Program, which helps the suburb wisely manage its growth.

“The careful planning and regulation of the city’s growth has resulted in a community with a fine-tuned balance of commerce, public facilities, residential zones, and parkland,” the council says.

The only other Texas city among the council’s top 30 safest cities for raising kids is Pearland, at No. 27.

Among the top 100, Frisco shows up at No. 68, Allen at No. 79, and Missouri City at No. 85.

The council based its ranking on data in four categories: education, income, crime, and health insurance.

Courtesy of Dallas Culture Map

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