Storage on Display: 16 Unexpected Items to Incorporate Into Your Decor

If you live in a small home or apartment, your closets and cabinets can quickly become filled to capacity. Free up some of that storage space by putting favorite items on display instead of hiding them away.

In the Kitchen: Cutting Boards

Pretty wood or stone cutting boards don’t need to be shoved in a cabinet when they’re not in use. Instead, display them in layers against your backsplash, as designer Jessica McClendon did here. The wood adds a warm touch against the white subway tile.

In the Kitchen: Pots and Pans

Tired of digging through your kitchen cabinets every time you need a skillet? Make this oversized pegboard shelving system for easy-access storage. You can customize the shelves and pegs to stylishly display your favorite pots, pans and utensils. Get step-by-step instructions >>

In the Kitchen: Utensils

You probably haven’t given much thought to the sides of your kitchen island or the ends of your cabinets, but these are great places to sneak in extra storage. In this space, designer Brian Patrick Flynn added antique brass coat hooks and knobs to hold kitchen tools. Simple wood utensils look attractive against the crimson paint color.

In the Kitchen: Coffee Mugs

If your cabinets are chock full of coffee mugs, free up some of that space with this easy DIY display — you can make it in an afternoon for about $25. Add some coffee-making essentials underneath, and voila! You have yourself a stylish self-serve coffee bar. Get step-by-step instructions >>

In the Kitchen: Spices

For frequent cooks, spices and herbs can quickly clutter up cabinets or drawers. Luckily, there are lots of cool magnetic jars available that let you put your collection on display. You can recreate this look with IKEA’s Grundtal canisters and the Spontan magnetic board.

In the Dining Room: Plates and Platters

If you have a collection of cool plates and platters — maybe antiques or pieces you picked up while traveling — your dining room is the perfect place to showcase them. In this space designed by Chandler Prewitt, a grouping of plates hung on the wall complements the Southwestern-style design.

In the Living Room: Blankets

Spare blankets are a must in any home (particularly if you frequently host guests), but they can eat up a lot of closet space. Stash your extra throws on a trendy blanket ladder, as designer Paige Morse did here. You can buy your own from just about any home decor store, or make one using inexpensive materials from the hardware store.

In the Living Room: Guitars

There’s no need to hide your instruments away if you’re a musician — make them part of your decor, instead. In this room designed by Faith Blakeney, guitars hung on the wall look right at home among a collection of eclectic art.

In the Living Room: Bikes

When you frequently ride your bike to work or just for fun, dragging it out of a closet or other storage space can be a pain. A small wood bike rack won’t detract from your decor and will get you out the door faster. In this bachelor pad apartment by LABLstudio, a wall-mounted bike becomes part of the design when placed under a large piece of art.

In the Bedroom: Hats

Have a thing for hats? So do interior designers, at the moment. Search “hats on display” on Pinterest, and you’ll find dozens of inspiring ways to incoporate your headwear into your decor. Here, designer Laurie March went with a simple, asymmetrical grouping over the bed. Don’t worry about making them look too perfect.

In the Bedroom: Clothes

If your closet just can’t handle any more clothes, a garment rack is a great solution. Made from copper pipe, this DIY version is so pretty you’ll want to give it a prominent spot in your bedroom. Use it to hang up your favorite shirts, bags and hats. Get step-by-step instructions >>

In the Bedroom: Jewelry

Is your jewelry currently stored in a tangled mess on your dresser? If so, tidy it up with this trendy hanging organizer. Bonus: It coordinates perfectly with the previously featured copper garment rack. Get step-by-step instructions >>

In the Bedroom: Shoes

Free up a bit of closet space by putting your most attractive shoes on display. A piece of chair rail tacked up on the wall is the perfect spot for storing high heels.

In the Bathroom: Beauty Supplies

Clear off cluttered countertops by storing your beauty essentials in a cute wall organizer. Blogger Casey Finn of DIY Playbook used Mason jars, hose clamps and a wood board to make this farmhouse-chic bathroom organizer.

In the Bathroom: TP

Bet you never thought toilet paper could become part of your bathroom decor, huh? Made from 4″ PVC couplings, this hanging storage unit turns your supply of spare tissue into graphic wall art. Get step-by-step instructions >>

In the Garage: Tools

Garages are notorious clutter collectors. If you don’t keep all those tools, home goods and garden supplies organized, you’ll never find them when you need them. Make a large pegboard organizer to corral garage clutter — you’ll never find yourself without a screwdriver again. Get step-by-step instructions >>

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