8 Things in Your House That Are Stressing You Out

Your home is an extension of yourself. It’s an extension of your personality, your partnerships and, of course, your style. But you already know this, right? What may surprise you, though, is that our homes wield the power to affect our personality, our partnerships and yes, even our style.

Enter: environmental stressors. These are the things in your space, hiding in plain sight, that will leave you feeling uneasy, unhappy and/or uninspired. And seriously, who has time for any of that? Keep reading to find out what you have lying around that’s making life less fun, plus how to bring back the balance.

The Obvious

The #1 cause of stress in your space right now? Clutter. It’s defined as, “a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass.”  It’s everything you own out of its proper place — thing-a-ma-bobs here and several whatchamacallits there. This environment leads to overstimulation and feeling defeated. Our solution? Invest in a cohesive, functional and non-transparent (!!!) organization system to store the plethora of things in your space. Out of sight, out of mind, yet totally in zen.

Spoiled Scents

Sometimes life stinks. Literally. Maybe you’ve got a toddler or a three-month-old golden retriever in the early stages of potty-training. Maybe you’ve got a teenage son (or full-grown husband) who leaves dirty socks to rot in the corner. It doesn’t matter. When faced with a stench permeating your space, regain control before this stressor ignites mega-resentment in your home. Our go-to fix? Fresh blooms, scented candles or stove-top scents made from seasonal spices and essential oils. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to shrug off sweaty socks when your bedroom smells like fresh lavender.

The Pile-Up

Whether it be the dishes in the sink, the laundry in the corner or just the general “to-do” list hanging on the fridge, piling up chores can lead to serious anxiety. The longer you put off the little chores, the larger the task at hand becomes. Our suggestion is to give yourself a structured schedule to reference throughout the week and make the time to check tasks off the list. For those of you with 10-foot heaps overflowing from the hamper, don’t overthink it. You’ve got to start somewhere, so commit to taking it one load at a time.

Bad Lighting

We’ve come such a long way from our cave-dwelling days, so why revert? Don’t let your home become dark and dingy with poor lighting. Change your light-bulbs and maybe splurge on a swoon-worthy lamp or two. The best advice, though? If you’ve got windows, use ‘em! Natural light is imperative to a happy, healthy life and is guaranteed to give you a mood and energy boost on the spot.

The Excess

We’ve heard it a time or two, “if you love it, buy it in every color!” The problem with this? Two years later you have twice — nay, triple — the number of shoes, shirts and once-stylish skirts that you are never going to wear again. Even if you manage to squeeze ‘em all in your closet and drawers, you come face-to-face with them each day when searching for the items you do wear. This calls for a serious, systematic purge of your closet. Gather boxes and curate a poppin’ playlist if you must, but spend the time necessary to eliminate the excess in your space and donate to a charity of your choice. The relief will be well worth it, trust me.

The TVs

Ah, overstimulation at its finest. TVs in every room can be too much of a good thing and leave you feeling drained and distracted throughout the day. Keep screen time at a minimum by keeping the television in the living room only.

Competing Noises

The game is on in the living room, Housewives is on in the bedroom and your teenage daughter is dishing the latest drama on the phone upstairs. The competing noises will leave you feeling pulled in every direction and make concentration nearly impossible. Enter: white noise. Find your calm in the chaos that is life by neutralizing with noise-canceling headphones or listen to calming, classical music.

Oversized + Awkward

Having a proper amount of personal space is vital, right? It’s easy to detect when an overbearing friend violates your personal space, but surprise: oversized, clunky furniture is just as guilty! The chunky, disproportionate pieces can leave you feeling uncomfortable or out of place in your own home because they are taking up bits and pieces of your personal space. Rid yourself of this uneasiness by selecting furnishings that are to-scale with your surroundings. It’ll feel like a breath of fresh air, promise.

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