Interfaith Family Services

Dallas Native Cares features Interfaith Family Services this week. Learn how they are impacting our community and how you can get involved.

Interfaith is committed to outcome transparency. We value every dollar that is donated to our agency and we are committed to providing the best possible community return on each donor investment.



of families exited the program with employment and 93% transitioned to permanent housing with an average wage of $14.05/hour which is nearly $7/hour and $14,000/year above minimum wage.


of children exited with an average 2 grade level improvement in reading and 90% exited with aspirations to continue their education beyond high school.


of 2016 graduates remained employed and in housing one year later and 97% of 2015 graduates remain employed and in housing two years later.


of all graduates live without the aid of housing subsidies saving Dallas tax payers approximately $8 million dollars per graduating class.

Family Empowerment Program


Interfaith’s Family Empowerment Program is a 12-week program designed for individuals who are unemployed or struggling financially. Our new Family Empowerment Program allows families, who do not reside with us, to have access to Interfaith’s resources including career coaching, free childcare, an optional housing loan, financial coaching and counseling services.

The program is designed to Eliminate Barriers by providing the help needed to become stable, Equip Parents to obtain higher-paying jobs and save money while reducing debt, Educate Children through free on-site childcare for children 0-18 as well as after-school and summer programs and Empower Families by providing all these services on one, DART-accessible site. To apply for this program, please click the button below and complete the questionnaire.

Housing for Homeless Families

Interfaith’s Home & Hope Program provides housing for homeless families in one of our 25 lovingly decorated, furnished apartments.  The apartments are rent-free if families enter the program unemployed.  Upon obtaining employment, Interfaith requires a monthly occupancy charge of 30% of the net family income. To encourage savings, Interfaith returns 100% of that charge to families who save $500 or more and successfully complete all other program requirements.

In addition to housing, parents are required to meet weekly with their personal success coach and financial empowerment coach to provide the accountability and support needed to reach their goals.  Additionally, unemployed and underemployed parents must participate in our Career Development Program until viable employment is obtained.  We also provide on-site counseling, child-care assistance, after-school & summer programs, and life skills training.

Children’s Services

Children in grades K-6 attend Interfaith’s on-site Hope & Horizons Program.  This special program is designed to stabilize homeless children through a combination of arts and crafts that emphasis creativity, play therapy to address emotional and social issues, individualized tutoring to address common academic gaps, and field trips & camps that expose children to the larger world.

During the summer, teens are encouraged to participate in Interfaith’s Summer Work program. Teens rotate from various positions throughout Interfaith ranging from Children’s Program Assistants to Facility Assistants. In addition to earning funds for the school year, teens are required to save part of their income, open up a savings account at Credit Union of Texas, and participate in Financial Literacy Classes. Activities such as their annual college tour, summer tutoring program, and the work program provide a comprehensive approach that prepares our teens for life as self-sufficient adults.



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