6 Unique Lamps to Light Up Your Life

If you’re looking for an interesting statement piece to add a little oomph to your living space, consider a lamp. These fun, funky and unique pieces of functional art are great for the kid in us all…

The climbing man


This guy is a great conversation-starter, or just a bright little buddy for the days you’re feeling down.
Credit: tetraciousfrustration.co.uk

Climbing man mini


Could this be one of the cutest night lights ever? We think so! This is perfect for the kid’s room, guestroom or a bathroom.
Credit: By UK design studio the play coalition via designboom.com

Have a ball


Do these whimsical beach ball lights not remind you of your childhood?
Credit: Toby Sanders, via inhabitat.com

Balloon bright


Fun and festive, these are a great, sweet addition to a kid’s room or play space.
Credit: Memory Balloon Wall Light by John Moncrieff 

Man lamp


This life-size lamp could make you feel a little less lonely, although its size makes it a statement piece for sure.
Credit: Pinterest

Hospital vibes


Perfect for a doctor or someone with an affinity for all things creepy, this Lichtinfusion Lamp by Christain Maas gets points for creativity—but maybe skip the kid’s room this time around.

Credit: Lichtinfusion Lamp, Christain Maas via Oddee.com

Posted on Dec 19 2017 – 10:19am by Zoe Eisenberg

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