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Luna Parc: Surrealist Sanctuary

When Beetlejuice dreams, chances are it looks a lot like Luna Parc. This fantasy-inspired home and “environmental sculpture park” located in a secluded section of rural New Jersey is the vision and creation of artist Ricky Boscarino. The color-saturated multistoried gingerbread mansion sits on five acres of lush woods and has been the artist’s home — and his life’s work — since he purchased it in 1989.
When Boscarino bought the property, the house was a plain, gray one-story building badly in need of repair. He set about painting the exterior in vibrant colors and then, gradually over the years, added multiple levels and elaborate additions. Boscarino describes his project as an art theme park and, in fact, the property was named after an Italian amusement park he visited as a youth.

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