Texan Battles 5-foot snake in his Commode

BRAZOS COUNTY — It’s the stuff of nightmares.

A snake slithers up through the toilet, having gotten itself stuck in the plumbing, and leaves the household in utter panic.

But if you’re one of those Texans who has a ranch home away from home, maybe you can avoid the ‘panic” part, like Ben Tedrick did.

In a video Tedrick uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, Tedrick offers a master class in dealing with toilet snakes as part of his “Life on the Ranch” series. The video shows Tedrick successfully pulling a Texas rat snake from his ranch home toilet and freeing it in the nearby woods.

His ranch is in rural Brazos County, according to the Bryan-College Station Eagle, where Tedrick works as a technology manager, according to his LinkedIn profile.

“We were cleaning up the big house on the ranch that set vacant for a few years, and then this happened,” the intro text to the 6-plus minute video that chronicles his commode battle with the flat-bellied beast reads.

Upon noticing the snake coming up above the surface of the toilet water, Tedrick fashioned a snake-nabbing-device from a mop handle and some string, and told the Eagle that he “just waited for its head to come out.”

Information Courtesy of Matthew Martinez, Star-Telegram , WFAA 7:22 AM. CST January 04, 2018

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