Epic new Dallas-Fort Worth Water Park Opens with Splashy Prizes

Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark in Grand Prairie
Grand Prairie’s new water park is a highly anticipated venue. Photo courtesy of Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark

There’s a new opening date for the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark, the recreational facility in Grand Prairie, and it’s going to be accompanied by all of the fanfare and splashy prizes one would anticipate for such a huge, major, big event.

The date is January 12, with doors opening at 5 pm. The gates will open at 8 am, and not a minute before. No sleepovers allowed.

Located at State Highway 161 and Waterwood Drive, the water park is an indoor-outdoor venue that’ll be open year round, thanks to a retractable roof.

It’s part of The Epic recreation center, which will feature fitness equipment, indoor tracks, a digital library, and recording studio. The complex will also have a 5,000-seat amphitheater, and more than two miles of trails.

January 12 is a Friday. They’ll open the parking lot at 8 am, allowing enthusiasts to hang out all day for giveaways and prizes:

  • The first 50 people in line will receive an annual pass to the facility.
  • The next 50 people in line will receive a $100 gift card.

However, this will not be an IKEA event. There vill be no overnight camping, no oversized vehicles such as RVs or trailers, and no arrival before 8 am. Nein!

Individuals receiving annual passes must be over the age of 3 years old, and the annual passes are non-transferable — IE, the recipient must be the user of the annual pass. No forcing your kid to wait in line and then snatching the pass away from him.

Some people have already purchased annual passes, and those are getting invited to an exclusive preview party on January 5, from 6-9 pm.

The park also hosted a “first to slide” video contest, and have posted some entries on YouTube under the hashtag #epicwatersgp. The winners will be announced this week.

Those winners will get their own separate entrance to get into the park first, and will not be counted in the total for the first 100. They already won a contest and don’t get to win another.

The park will have nine water slides, including an outdoor wave pool, a lazy river, an activity pool, a children’s area, and an arcade. There will be cabanas, a full-service grill/bar, and private party/meeting areas, both indoor and outdoor.

The slides include the Lasso Loop, the tallest indoor aqualoop in the nation; and the Aquanaut, the first double-rider ride, letting you ride with a friend.


Information Courtesy of By Teresa Gubbins  1.3.18 | 1:17 pm

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