Stinky Revenge: Dallas Woman leaves dog poop in Bait Box for package thief

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A Dallas woman’s revenge plot to leave a bait box for a suspected serial package thief was a success and caught on camera.

Life at Nicole McBee’s house revolves around her Yorkies, Penelope and Eloise.

Treats flow freely, and the pup’s food is delivered to their door. That was, until Saturday, when McBee got an alert from her Ring Doorbell’s security camera.

“I saw somebody taking the packages off my front porch,” she said. “It was frozen dog food on dry ice.”

A blonde woman was seen grabbing two big boxes, not deterred in the least by McBee’s sign on her porch stating ‘Smile, you’re on camera!’ further proof that this suspected thief wasn’t scared off by surveillance was online.

Neighbors on her NextDoor app and Facebook posted pictures and video of a woman whose description and getaway car matched what McBee saw. She then did two things. She filed a police report and found an empty box.

“My sister was here. She’s like, let’s do it!” said McBee. “And we just did it!”

Inside the box, she put some revenge from her Yorkies, the result of their afternoon walk. Still, she thought it was doubtful the thief would return to the scene of the crime. She was wrong.

“Within four hours, I had an alert on my phone and the video of her taking the box,” said McBee. “I’m sure I’m not the first one, but I can’t help but just feel a little satisfaction. A little bit of redemption.”

McBee probably did what hundreds of theft victims have thought about doing. Police continue to investigate, but McBee knows her message was sent. No one messes with Penelope and Eloise.


Information Courtesy of Marie Saavedra, WFAA 5:40 PM. CST January 11, 2018

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