4 Apps That Will Actually Save You Money On Food!

Those post-holiday bank accounts maybe have taken a hit, but that doesn’t mean you stop living your life! These 4 apps will save you money on groceries, eating out, tipping, eating with friends & so much more. Plus, a full wallet is a happy wallet, right?


Photo: Joe Raedle, 2013 Getty Images)


1. Grocery iQ

This app will make your shopping list & match your items with any coupons or discounts.

2. Gratuity

When splitting dinner with friends, this will calculate your total individual cost with tip. This way you’re never the one always covering the extra.

3. Grocery Pal

Take your grocery list & get instant coupons. Plus, compare prices from almost every store imaginable.

4. Opentable

Every time you book a table, you accumulate points & once you hit 1,100 points you can get $20 to the restaurant of your choice!



Information Courtesy of Madeline Cuddihy, TEGNA 7:55 AM. CST January 18, 2018


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