High ROI Home Improvement Projects for the Dallas Market

The lone star state’s third largest city is a little tricky to flip property in. If you are currently buying a home in Dallas, then you might be in luck. By planning your remodel carefully and renovating your property, you can flip the house to get the best return on investment that you can possibly get. We will take the three best home improvement projects for the Dallas market, and will lead you into making a great profit. These projects include landscaping the yard, renovating the grand entrance, and remodeling kitchen.


Landscaping the yard

The theme all across Texas is that you want to show what you work for. This goes for the buying market as well. They are willing to pay a pretty penny for fantastic first impressions. This follows suit mostly with the front and back yard. This is where landscaping your Texas yard can get you a great return. Head down to your local garden to get a free consultation on what you should have done. Once you get a well mapped layout, it is time to put it into action. Ask about fountains, gardens, and possibly a drive-up drive way. This will all add value to your home and really appeal to those who are ready to buy.

Painting the exterior

Getting a fresh paint on the exterior can raise the value of the home greatly. Painting the exterior will also help a lot with preventing moisture damage. This also makes the house pop and intrigues buyers. If you do it yourself, you will have to sand the old paint away before you can start painting. Most would recommend getting professional painters so it takes less time, and that you know it was done correctly. Lighter colors seem to go well in Texas, but if you find the right combination of colors for your windows and walls, then you can get away with darker colors. Remember, this adds onto that first impression look that Texas is all about.

Remodeling the kitchen

One of the best places to go to in a home in Dallas, Texas is the kitchen. Making the kitchen accessible and look amazing will really increase your return on investment. Remember, Texas has an appetite for great food and great looks, so start by picking out some amazing appliances. Black is a great color for matching the appliances with the rest of the theme. Next, you will want to turn your attention to some amazing marble counter tops. This will be a great conversation starter for whenever guests come over. Speaking of guests, you will want a nice sitting area. If you can fit an island in, then I recommend doing that. Islands are great for people to watch someone cook and to socialize. All you need now is some fantastic floor tiles and you’ll be all set.

Using these remodeling ideas, you will easily be able to get a good return on investment in a market that can be a little stale. Just appeal to the eye, add function to the house, and you should see some great returns on your investments. Good luck!

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