Features to Add to Your Landscape in 2018

It’s no secret that outdoor living spaces have seen an uptick in popularity over the past few years. Whether it is an outdoor kitchen, living room, or fireplace, the trend in general is to make your outdoors more livable.

Based on our work over the last several years, we compiled a list of trending hardscape features we know will continue to gain popularity into 2018.

1)      Fire pits with built in benches: Fire pits have been the go-to for outdoor living for some time, but now we are seeing the addition of built in benches or seat walls for a higher end look. When you set a mobile fire pit into an existing landscape, it can often be difficult to find just the right place to put it so it’s not a hazard. By designing the fire pit into the layout of the entertaining are and building structures, you can better accommodate it and enjoy it.

2)      Outdoor Kitchens: Gone are the days of a lone grill in the backyard. These days, we are installing everything, including the kitchen sink, in outdoor kitchens. Pizza ovens, refrigerators, convection ovens, and audio-visual systems will make your outdoor space complete. You can now create the kitchen of your dreams in your own backyard. When the weather’s nice, cooking and eating outdoors is a great way to entertain your family, and large gatherings.

3)      Mixing Hardscape Materials: Mixing and matching styles of materials and aesthetics is in. Clean modern stone mixed with rough rustic reclaimed wood creates a contemporary look with a natural feel. A contemporary wood deck mixed with traditional iron railings makes a statement.  Along with this mixing trend, items that mimic real wood and natural stone without the associated maintenance, are very popular. Tile that looks like wood mixed with contemporary planters creates a sophisticated style.

4)      Artful Pavers: Pavers are now more than just something to walk on; pavers have become important design focal points in the landscape. Sizes are trending larger due to advancements in manufacturing. Along with larger sizes, pavers are also being made to look like hardwood and tiles—lending to exceptional opportunities for borders and accents like chevron and herringbone patterns. Paver designs are even being used to give a “faux rug” look.

5)      Permeable surfaces: Going green is important for many homeowners, and with the rise in concrete everywhere, water run-off has become a much bigger issue. Permeable surfaces and pavers allow water to penetrate and drain back into the soil, instead of running down the street into storm drains. This eliminates the need for extensive drainage systems and reduces the quantity of stormwater runoff. Permeable artificial turf is also a great solution when conditions aren’t suitable for a live lawn.

While landscaping trends always change, one  trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is the desire to extend the living space to the outdoors. To get started on your backyard oasis, contact us for an innovative and distinct design.



Information Courtesy of Round Tree Landscaping, Inc. 

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