Mystery Artist’s use of Leaves Inspires Farmers Branch Neighborhood

On a nice day along Rawhide Creek, which runs through Farmers Branch, you’ll find plenty of runners and walkers. And soon after, the two things that lately make them stop in their tracks.


“It’s crazy, it’s just wonderful,” said John Lloyd, who lives near Josey and Valley View lanes. He remembers when two artistic marvels showed up in the park across from his front door.

“About a week or week-and-a-half ago, someone snuck over there and made a couple of hearts and one of them has a cross in it,” he said.

They are big, made of leaves fallen from the trees above them and meticulously placed. Kindly, city crews have not raked them up.

What they have done is create smiles on neighborhood faces.

“We were walking, we saw this and thought it looked so pretty,” said Annyka Rodriguez, out walking with her mother and brother Wednesday.

“I like it. I think it’s a nice reminder to see when you’re passing by,” said Jim Shoemaker, while on a jog with his wife.

But there is no signature in the corner of this grass canvas, so we’re left to guess who made these and exactly when.

“I think it’s somebody from the neighborhood,” said Lloyd.

He hopes the mystery artist continues their work, currently receiving rave reviews.



Information Courtesy of Marie Saavedra, WFAA 10:22 PM. CST January 31, 2018

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