Top Tech Deal for Potholes and bad Weather Drives


Between the start of pothole season and some absolutely brutal cold weather drives, imagine being able to equip your vehicle with night vision while holding other drivers accountable.

Whether you’re making a pothole claim against the city or another driver, I learned last year about the importance of a dashcam.

I parked my car on the street and was side-swiped by a driver who then proceeded to take off. $6,800 in tire, rim and side molding damage and a very pronounced dent later, I had filed a claim with my insurance company. With no video evidence of who was at fault or even being able to locate the other driver (or a license plate because it happened so quickly), I wish I had a dashcam!

You’ve likely seen dash cams inside cabs, Uber vehicles, hired limos and in the hands of many other smart drivers on the road. These tiny cameras can capture any collision, vandal or issue on the road and in parking lots.

Click the play button to see my favorite deal today in action!

– New for 2018 Pur-Tech dashcam captures 1080p HD video on the go
– Night Vision infrared technology works for you in the dark
– G Sensor and emergency recording can capture accidents as they happen
– Vivid HD recording can capture drivers’ feature and vehicle license plates
– Parking motion sensor can help deter hit-and-runs
– Emergency recording and parking protection detects abnormal movement and activates
– Comes with safety suction cup accessories and DC car adapter
– 18-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee
– Ideal for pothole season and bad weather drives
– Works well during rain, snow and sleet

$40 Off New HD Dashcam With Night Vision + Accessories + Free Shipping
Was: $104.99
Now: $64.50
***Requires a MicroSD card also on sale here

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Information Courtesy of Matt Granite , WKYC 1:39 AM. CST February 08, 2018

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