How to see everything your kids are doing online!

New technology and children


If you’re not already concerned with what your kids or grand-kids are doing online, who they are interacting with can be even more frightening. As a soon-to-be father, with nieces and nephews already using tablets, I’ve seen innocent web searches turn problematic.

If you are a parent or guardian, it’s impossible to keep track of every key stroke on every device tied to a kid, tween or teen. To help avoid the unthinkable and stop predators in their tracks, I have a crucial device deal to share today.

The Kids WiFi Online Parental Control and Monitoring FilterĀ is one of the most effective products I’ve ever tested. In a matter of minutes with no monthly fees and a truly simple set-up, you can see everything your kids are searching for online.

Automatic filters (which can be adjusted) block mature and inappropriate content from your kids, their friends or any visiting guests in your home. As an additional security features, you can make your WiFi a protected zone where you can even schedule browsing time limits.

Click the play button to see the KidsWifi monitoring portal in action.

Crucial Safety Features Include:

– A whole network dedicated to your kids (while you can use your own network)

– Control everything from your smartphone or tablet

– Set different rules for different kids / ages and specific devices

– Prevent predators from taking control of a child’s webcam

– Check in on the sites your kids are visiting and collect stats for specific devices

– Easily prevent late-night browsing

– Schedule time allowances around chores, homework and days of the week

– Lowest-recorded price today

– No monthly fees!

$30 Off KidsWifi Monitor and Filter + Free Shipping

Was: $109.99

Now: $79.99



Information Courtesy of Matt GraniteĀ 3:52 AM CST February 22, 2018

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