Dallas Native Voice – After Closing

This week Dallas Native Voice sits down with superstar client Debbie Gomez as well as Darrin Eager with Churchill Mortgage to discuss her overall experience after closing . Check it out!



Mary Beth H.: Hi. This is Mary Beth Harrison with Dallas Native Voice. I’m sitting here with an old friend and client, Debbie Gomez, and congratulations.
Debbie Gomez: Thank you.
Mary Beth H.: We finally closed on your house.
Debbie Gomez: I know.
Mary Beth H.: The one you’re buying.
Debbie Gomez: Yes.
Mary Beth H.: This has been a really long journey.
Debbie Gomez: It has.
Mary Beth H.: It started, I looked back on my files, it started two years ago when we met with you family to decide how you were going to go about this whole journey. I know you didn’t want to sell your house because you lived there a long time, raised your family there.
We got your house sold, we got it listed. You did everything I asked, got it sold quickly, so we closed on that house and now congratulations. You got your new house.
Debbie Gomez: Thank you.
Mary Beth H.: We’re sitting here with your lender?
Debbie Gomez: Yes.
Mary Beth H.: Darren Edgar.
Darrin Edgar: Hi.
Mary Beth H.: With Churchill Mortgage. I’m just curious, I never asked you, how did you find us? How did we get involved with this?
Debbie Gomez: We listened to Dave Ramsey and always talks about making the best decision, who’s going to counsel you in big decisions in life? He has the OEP program so I went online, I put real estate EOP and your name came up and you called me very quickly.
Mary Beth H.: Yes I did. How did Darren get into this?
Debbie Gomez: They refer a lot about Churchill Mortgage and I heard wonderful things about Churchill and that’s how … The funny thing is that I contacted him I think a while back before we actually started.
Darrin Edgar: Yeah.
Debbie Gomez: He actually reached out to me via email kind of when I was starting with you, and I thought, “This is kind of like a good sign.” If you had not reached out via email it might’ve been somebody else.
Darrin Edgar: Right.
Mary Beth H.: Right.
Debbie Gomez: That email, even a year after, was kind of got us connected again.
Mary Beth H.: I’m curious, how did you get involved with Dave? I know how I did, so how did you get involved with Dave’s program?
Darrin Edgar: It was basically a personal journey for me and my wife as we were starting our family. We just wanted to make sure we were doing things the right way and I came across Dave and just decided we were going to follow his plan. As of six years ago we’ve been to three ever since.
Mary Beth H.: That’s great. Then you approached him or did he approach you as far as becoming the lender of choice for Dave Ramsey’s clients?
Darrin Edgar: Churchill and Dave Ramsey are very closely connected. We’ve been the only mortgage company he’s ever recommended in his 20 years. He’s recommended us those entire 20 years.
Mary Beth H.: Wow, I had no idea that you all were the only mortgage company. I know that when Dave approached us to represent his clients as a realtor here in the Dallas area we had to give two years’ worth of our clients and they went back and called every one of my clients for a two year period to get their feedback of how we did for them. It’s not something that’s lightly … Dave doesn’t just go, “I think I’ll use them.”
I know you all come highly recommended because of your service and the information that you give to clients. I know that’s what you got ahead of this was this isn’t an easy decision nor an easy journey. It takes a village when it gets there.
Debbie Gomez: It does.
Mary Beth H.: The combination of all of it is what comes together. Dave Ramsey gives some phenomenal financial advice and if everyone took it I think everyone would be a homeowner because they would be debt free for everything and free them up so that they can buy their first home.
I’m really proud of you guys for doing what you did, and I’m so excited about your new home. When do you guys move in?
Debbie Gomez: Next month.
Mary Beth H.: Yay, all right, yay. Another happy ending. Thanks so much for listening and we’re where you are. Go to all the social media or find us at dallasnative.com and thanks for listening.




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